Kayova River Lodge

An authentic African experience


The lodge was initially developed to sustain community development projects falling under the Kavango Initiative for Development and Social Service (Project Kids). Community activities, like visiting the nearby Kavango villages, Nyanga Mission, schools, water projects and orphanage are also available to those travellers wanting to experience the true Africa, or to give something back to the local people.


Kayova River Lodge offers a wonderful program for students and church ministries looking to participate in the social upliftment of the Kavango Community, through the construction of nurseries and kindergartens, water projects to supply villages with clean water, and the establishment of an Aids orphanage for children left destitute due to the loss of their parents through HIV/Aids.

Visits to the community support small businesses and help the locals generate an income for their families, and also help subsistence farmers in their supply of vegetables and produce to the lodge.

For more information visit www.kavangofoundation.com

For bookings or information use the form or contact:

Juanita Steyn: +264 (0)66 258 212
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